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Rooms for upcoming school year? [Jul. 7th, 2008|10:13 am]
Wayne State University


Mods, I'm sorry if this isn't allowed--I hope it's not against the rules as I didn't see anything specific in the user info, but feel free to delete if it is.

I'm looking for a room that will be available for move-in around the end-ish of August. The catch? I can't pay much for rent: ~$300 or less. If anyone knows of a friend or acquaintance that needs a roommate within (bus) distance of the school, drop a comment here or go to my personal journal. I'm a pretty easy to get along with person with no pets. I do smoke but am fully willing to smoke outside or in an alley or something along those lines; I just really need a place to stay! I don't care about male or female roommates, preferably under 25 though. I'm 18 and female.

Any help you can give would be great!

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